The Monaco Yacht Show

All superlatives were used to qualify the ‘superyacht’ offering at the Monaco Yacht Show every year.
And still, from next September 19 to 22, the 22nd edition of the MYS is no exception by showcasing an
outstanding (ok, already used) fleet of 103 superyachts.
The following statistics were made from the list of yachts at this year’s Monaco show (as per September
15, 2012) and from the data published by The conclusions of the analysis
prove the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show’s fleet logically reflects the current state of the superyacht market.

New record revenues for Crystal

cruise ferryCrystal Cruises senior vice president of marketing and sales Jack Andersen says that the line has exceeded its own historical performance for revenues following the release of June’s sales figures.

Speaking to an audience of the line’s top sales agent partners from around the globe on the occasion of the Crystal Sales Gala on Crystal Serenity during its Mediterranean Masterpiece cruise, Anderson said: “The last week of June, compared to the same week in any previous year, was a record for the company.” He credited the line’s ‘Book Now’ programme for the success. On Tuesday 3 July, the Gala, attended by around 200 sales partners, honoured the top sellers at the company’s licensed partner organisations worldwide.

Crystal’s recent move to all-inclusive cruising was another hot topic at the Gala, with president Gregg Michel telling delegates that the move had improved the line’s competitiveness in the luxury market and allowed it to focus on creating a better guest experience. Crystal introduced all-inclusive on Crystal Symphony in March and on Crystal Serenity in May this year.

This week, Crystal also announced a new partnership with the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, which will enable guests to learn filmmaking on their owniPads. Senior VP operations Thomas Mazloum said: “The number of people who travel with iPads is astonishing. This will be one of the most contemporary and coolest classes available through our Computer University at Sea. And whereas previously we needed sea days for enrichment courses such as this one, now it is available all the time on board.”

A few reasons to work on a cruise ship

working on a cruise shipFirst of all, there are some incredible benefits that come with becoming a crew member on a cruise ship.  Cruise ships are the crown jewel of all ships ever built.

Let’s face it, a job on this type of ship it’s a job that

•  Allows you to work in a pleasant environment and be a part of a skilled crew

•  Pays you to visit some many exotic destinations  from  the Arctic to Antarctica including Europe, USA, Australia, Africa New Zealand, the Caribbean,  Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, the Far East, the Pacific, the Mediterranean! In few words it’s about the entire world.

•  Offers you the extremely appealing possibility to earn a great income, which is usually tax-free.

•  On such a beautiful ship like it is a cruise ship, you can’t possible get bored, so prepare yourself for a lot of fun!

•  It’s an experience resembling to a social community on web transferred in the real life. Puts new people of all different nationalities into your life and in this way you make worldwide friends!

•  Offers an amazing opportunity to enjoy an exciting career at sea along with an enjoyable crew!

•  An extremely important thing is the security  and safety regarding traveling on board

•  It gives you the chance to enjoy one of the  most impressive, fulfilling  new life experiences you’ll ever have! It gives you memories that you’ll look back with great pleasure on in years to come – and a multitude of stories that you’ll want to tell people over and over again.

•  And probably the biggest benefit of all is what it does for your career. You develop skills and gain the work experience that will weight on your resume.

Working on a cruise ship allows you to travel all around the world, enjoy an pleasant adventure  and get paid very well … Compare all the above mentioned to sitting back at your desk in the office or stuck in a boring 9/5 job, hanging on for your next holiday. Has just started to be extremely appealing as your next job, right?

Usually restaurant workers work in shifts so they may have the chance to go ashore for a few hours. Some of the facilities onboard are close during the period when a ship is in port, so those workers are off duty during this period.

There is also a bar inside the crew area, usually open every night where crewmembers may go for drinks or dancing, and a deck area with swimming pool. Crew cabins have toilet and shower in the bathroom, TV sets with satellite channels plus a separate crew channel.

There are also laundry rooms for use by crewmembers.

Crewmembers live on the lower deck, usually two to a cabin. Staff members live on the upper deck and often get a cabin to themselves. Everyone works seven days a week, but the number of hours varies a great deal depending on the particular job. 

If you don’t have the connections to find a job on a cruise ship, you may apply to one of many crewing agencies all around the world to find you a proper job, and start it with small but firm steps. In 1-2 years you will gain the required experience to work with well-known cruise companies worldwide.